As technology moves us forward, hobbyists and adventurous folks alike are always looking for new ways to entertain themselves. One of the most up-and-coming hobbies is RC rock crawling.

Rock crawling requires special equipment that allows the user to navigate a terrain full of bumps, rocks, and other obstacles with finesse and ease.

With an RC rock crawler vehicle, you can gain access to places off-road that would otherwise be inaccessible.

This makes it a great tool for exploring new spaces, traversing uncharted areas full of beautiful vistas or simply getting the thrill of conquering nature’s obstacles.

No matter which type of enthusiast you are – one looking to have fun or explore – an RC rock crawler should definitely be part of your arsenal.

Top 7 Best RC Rock Crawler For Great Outdoors

In this section, I will review the top RC rock crawlers currently available on the market and reveal the key features included in each item.

1. Losi Rock Rey Electric Rock Racer

Losi Rock Rey Electric Rock Racer

If speed and agility are what interest you when it comes to RC cars, then look no further than the Losi Rock Rey Electric Rock Racer. This vehicle is designed for maximum off-road handling and maneuverability.

Now with a 4WD system, monster truck tires, oil-filled shocks, and plenty of torque thanks to its powerful Dynamite brushless motor, the Rock Rey is ready to tackle the toughest terrains and craziest stunts.

Whether you’re challenging friends to exciting races or just navigating your favorite track by yourself, this rock racer will provide an exhilarating ride with unbeatable performance and agility.

Get ready for an RC adventure that cannot be matched!

The Losi Rock Rey is a miniature RC crawler in the dune buggy style, with a 4WD chassis composed of a hard-anodized aluminum plate that can be adjusted to suit different terrains.

Rock Rey is an all-terrain vehicle capable of speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, the same as some of the larger dune buggies, and the ability to drive up and over rocks and mountains.

Because its electronics are sealed against water, the Rock Rey can go where no other rock crawler can. The transmission and differentials are both high-performance and built to last with heavy-duty metal gears that increase the vehicle’s torque and horsepower.

Rock Rey’s engine and battery compartments are both conveniently located, and the vehicle’s bolt-on body panels are removable if you decide you want to modify the Rock Rey’s appearance.

With a few twists of the AVC knob, you can fine-tune the car’s traction control and make it more manageable to drift at higher speeds. There is a bright LED light strip on the buggy, emphasizing its realism.

4WD chassisBattery not included
40+ mph speedAdd-ons are extra
LED light barCharger not included

2. Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited 4WD RC Rock Crawler

Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited 4WD RC Rock Crawler

The Axial Capra 1.9 RC Rock Crawler features a totally customizable, portal axle-equipped chassis that allows for longer suspension travel, massive tires equipped with dBoots® FORTRESS™ treads, a uniquely arranged 3-link front, and 4-link rear suspension, and solid one-piece aluminum frame.

Its ready-to-run format comes complete with an AE-5L ESC and Spektrum™ DX3 2.4GHz radio system that provides improved control and stability. The Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited 4WD RC Rock Crawler is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable experience out on the rocks!

A wider base is optimal for grip and control when off-roading or rock crawling. This remote-controlled rock crawler in the style of a buggy is a miniature version of the real-life off-road vehicles you’ll see navigating rugged terrain.

Because of their adaptability and dependability, Axial RC vehicles are among the most widely used in the industry. Easily maneuverable, tough, and quick, these vehicles are a joy to pilot.

There’s none of the risk or danger of driving a real dune buggy, but all of the enjoyment. The metal gears and ball bearings contribute to the vehicle’s high ground clearance, allowing it to navigate gradient inconsistencies.

This Axial buggy is unlike any other radio-controlled vehicle in that it can instantly transform from front-wheel drive to all-wheel drive with the push of a button.

This will make it possible for the car to drive on damp grass, muddy roads, and rough terrain. Turning at higher speeds is simplified by switching drive trains.

All four wheels will remain firmly planted on the ground thanks to the big boar-shaped metal shocks. The interior is just as lifelike, complete with a navigation screen, a human driver, and a second passenger.

The powerful LED light bar and headlamps make nighttime driving more enjoyable and safer. Batteries and chargers are sold separately. This stroller is offered in a choice of two hues.

Two colorsDoesn’t come with a battery
Aluminum shocksHigher price point
FWD and 4WDCharger not included
LED lights

3. Danchee RidgeRock 4WD Rock Crawler

Danchee RidgeRock 4WD Rock Crawler

The Danchee RidgeRock 4WD Rock Crawler is the ultimate off-roading experience. This powerful vehicle can tackle even the roughest terrain, with a high ground clearance and superb all-wheel drive capabilities.

It’s no surprise that the RidgeRock has become a favorite for those looking to conquer difficult terrains and reach remote destinations.

The intelligent two-speed transmission gives drivers maximum control over their terrain and provides optimal torque for climbing obstacles and crawling over rocks. With its quick acceleration, unmatched shock absorption, and stability, the RidgeRock offers an extreme adventure every time you drive it.

If you’re looking for a good first RC rock crawler, go no further than the Danchee RidgeRock. Your child will not outgrow it too quickly as they gain skills, as there are many interchangeable parts.

This model has a ground clearance of just over 3 inches, allowing it to easily drive over most bumps. You can quickly and simply choose between front-wheel, rear-wheel, all-wheel, and crab steering.

When connected to a computer, battery pack, or USB wall charger, the crawler’s supplied USB charger will fully charge the batteries in around five hours.

It takes roughly three and a half hours to fully charge a smartphone without the cable, but just about three hours with the adaptor plugged in.

Depending on your driving speed, a full charge will give you 45 minutes to an hour of use. It’s simple to update the batteries if you need a longer battery life.

The RidgeRock includes a USB charging connection, a remote control with a pistol grip, and a rechargeable battery pack for the vehicle.

It’s possible to install larger batteries in the battery compartment if you choose to do so in the future. For anyone looking for an exhilarating off-road experience, Danchee’s RidgeRock 4WD is a perfect choice.

High quality for the priceNot waterproof
Grows with experience
Comprehensive instructions
Simple to master

4. Redcat Racing Everest-10 Rock Crawler

Redcat Racing Everest-10 Rock Crawler

The Redcat Racing Everest-10 Rock Crawler is an off-road vehicle that is sure to give your next adventure a rugged twist. With independent suspension and waterproof electronics, this beast can tackle any terrain no matter how harsh or steep the trails become.

Whether you’re out on the trail or trying your luck in a rock crawling competition, this crawler will stay responsive so you have complete control over its powerful 540 brushed motors!

What’s more, durable aluminum links and strengthened steel parts also enhance stability and maintain strength during tough climbs and descents.

The Everest-10 only has one motor, which is located in the middle of the vehicle. The suspension uses telescopic drive shafts to simultaneously articulate at the front and rear axles.

The large, aggressive, chunky tires are secured to the rims by two aluminum Beadlock rings. Because of this, glue is no longer necessary to keep the tires in place.

In the package, you will find a Ni-Mh battery. Depending on whether you are driving on a flat surface or traversing uneven terrain slowly and cautiously, this battery pack will provide you with between 30 and 60 minutes of run time.

The speed limiter gives you complete command over your velocity. The high torque motor offers superior crawling power compared to similarly priced RC cars, which is crucial for rock crawling.

Because you have watertight housings for all of the critical electronics, crossing the occasional brook or stream as you make your way through the obstacles is not a problem at all.

So for those seeking a unique thrill, the Redcat Racing Everest-10 Rock Crawler is just what you’ve been searching for!

Licensed Addictive Desert Designs accessoriesFlimsy bodyshell
High ground clearanceWide turning radius
Highly adjustable

5. LEGO Technic 4 x 4 Extreme Off-Roader

LEGO Technic 4 x 4 Extreme Off-Roader

The LEGO Technic 4 x 4 Extreme Off-Roader is perfect for kids who want to explore their creative engineering side. Offering four models in one, the set includes a rugged off-roader, an aerobatic stunt plane, an off-road buggy, and a tank.

It’s made of over 400 pieces and features realistic details like its rubber tires, opening doors, and even an adjustable suspension system.

Kids can use their imagination to take the model off-roading or engage in some intense aerobatics for some added fun.

With the Technic 4 x 4 Extreme Off-Roader, kids will be able to test and enhance their engineering skills while simultaneously enjoying hours of playtime.

The model’s high-quality sound effects, suspension, and wheels with thick tires provide realism. Three motors provide the power for its pinpoint maneuverability. This kit, recommended for children aged 11 and up, requires some patience but is not particularly difficult to construct.

If you’re used to driving with a stick or pistol grip, using the app to control the car may take some getting used to. Not an issue of difficulty, then, but of breaking old patterns. Even if you have no background in this, getting started will take little time at all.

With its revolutionary app-based control system, this rock crawler offers extra benefits, such as the acquisition of data in real-time, including a speed and tilt record. Advantageously for individuals who have trouble juggling a lot of controls, the car may be operated with just one finger.

Precise controlLimited crash resilience
Lots of play valueSelf-build
Compatible with other LEGO

6. Legendary 1:10 Scale Large RC Car

Legendary 1:10 Scale Large RC Car

For those who want to experience exciting off-road adventures with their large-scale remote control cars, the Legendary 1:10 Scale Large RC Car is a perfect choice.

This item offers a wide range of features that take your racing game to the next level. It has an adjustable wheelbase and comes with realistic off-road tires for maximum grip on all surfaces.

In addition, its rugged construction makes it suitable for terrains such as dirt, grass, and rock crawling. Best of all, this car is incredibly durable and will not break easily even in harsh weather conditions.

The speed of this Legendary 1:10 RC car looks to be a major selling point in the advertising. Strange, since speed is not a factor when selecting a rock crawler.

There is, however, a mechanism on the Legendary’s controller that allows you to toggle between high-speed and low-speed settings. Because of this, even individuals who are just starting out can take their time on crawling courses.

The oil-filled shocks and the foam-filled tires give the truck a good response on “off-road” terrain, and it can handle inclines of up to 45 degrees. Use caution if you opt for the faster speed option.

If you keep this truck going at that pace for too long, you could damage or destroy the motor and other engine components. When driving at top speed, you’ll have a higher chance of being involved in an accident and having other damage done to your truck.

In case any pieces become broken, you can rest assured knowing that Legendary offers a wide variety of replacement options.

It’s almost as though they brag about how quick they are while also knowing that going too fast will result in costly repairs.

If you’re looking for an exhilarating ride with a quality RC car, then the Legendary 1:10 Scale Large RC Car is the ideal choice.

Fireproof battery bagLi-Po batteries
Two-speed modesShort run-time
Replacement parts are available for purchase

7. Click N’ Play RC Rock Crawler

Click N’ Play RC Rock Crawler

The Click N’ Play RC Rock Crawler is a must-have for all off-roading adventurers who love to explore the outdoors. It’s an exciting way to get some fresh air while driving around, tackling any hill or terrain that gets in your way!

The body of the Crawler is made of durable plastic and has motorized rubber tracks that are strong enough to take on whatever terrain you decide to tackle.

Plus, it comes with an independent suspension system and adjustable wheel camber so you can optimize your driving experience. With adjustable speeds, this rock crawler offers head-turning fun and excitement every time!

Luckily, that’s where the Click N’ Play remote-controlled rock crawler comes in. Tires are large and beefy, ground clearance is high, and suspension is present. The design is very kid-friendly.

Some have complained that this model is too slow, but it is also an advantage for the Click N’ Play since rock crawlers are known for their slow speeds.

It can handle boulders about half the height of a typical soda can and maintain its grip on damp grass and small stones.

Slow and easily controlledSmall
Highly affordableNot especially sturdy
It’s an all-weather vehicle

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right RC Rock Crawler (Explained)

Best RC Rock Crawler

Here are a few key factors that you should consider when choosing the best RC rock crawler for off-roading:


If you’ve ever been interested in radio-controlled rock crawling, consider a steering system upgrade as a great way to increase the performance of your vehicle.

While many stock systems provide limited mobility, aftermarket parts can give more precise control, which can make navigating difficult terrain easier and more satisfying.

Frequent crawlers may even find that adding aftermarket steering gives them the agility and responsiveness that they need to stay ahead of the competition.

No matter what your motivation for taking on RC rock crawling is, an aftermarket steering upgrade could be just what you need to get the best out of your hobby.


When it comes to RC rock crawlers, the motor you choose is an integral part of their performance. Not only does the motor type and size help dictate how quickly your crawler will move, but it can also affect precision, power, and battery life.

If you’re looking for a spot-on crawler that can handle even the toughest terrain, investing in a quality motor is an absolute must.

You’ll want to research different brands and models to ensure that you get the best performance from your crawler.

But no matter which motor you go with, considering one specifically designed for rock crawling will give your RC rig increased power and longer-lasting components for tackling any challenge that lies ahead.


If you’re an RC car enthusiast and are looking for the ultimate challenge in outdoor driving, then considering a suspension for your RC rock crawler is essential.

A custom-built suspension will help you gain the grip you need to maneuver over tough terrain without taking too much of a beating on your RC car’s components.

Using optimal shock dampening will ensure that each wheel has a clearance between it and the terrain, so you can maintain control no matter what obstacle your rock crawler is facing.

If you’re interested in adding a suspension to your RC rock crawler, there are plenty of options available to suit your budget and the level of difficulty desired.


If you’re looking to get a remote-control rock crawler, you should make sure that the wheels are up to the task.

Nothing can ruin the fun of this thrilling hobby faster than cheap, flimsy wheels that can’t handle all the off-road terrain you want to take your vehicle through. Durable and high-quality materials with effective tread designs will help keep you rolling over rocks, roots, and sand without any worries.

Don’t forget that if your rock crawler has some speed capabilities, you may need different tires for accelerating as opposed to climbing or navigating obstacles.

So consider investing in multiple wheel sets if that is the case. With appropriately chosen wheels, there’s no limit to what your RC Rock Crawler can do!


When considering a new Remote Control Rock Crawler, one of the most important things to keep in mind is torque. Torque is what gives you control over your vehicle, keeping it balanced and steady when driving on uneven terrain.

High torque means you have the power to maneuver tough turns and climb up inclines without stalling out.

Looking into the motor specs of any RC crawlers available will tell you how much torque each has and allows you to compare different options for which vehicle will be best for your needs.

Ground Clearance

As any rock crawler enthusiast knows, having enough ground clearance is crucial for navigating steep and tricky terrain.

A good RC rock crawler should have plenty of clearance to give you the best chances of tackling sharp inclines and tight rock obstacles. Take some time to research the type of ground clearance your desired model offers.

If it doesn’t quite measure up, spring for a kit with a higher chassis or larger tires. You might find yourself thanking yourself once you hit those rough patches out in the wild.

Locked Differentials

RC rock crawlers require powerful four-wheel drive and a high degree of traction. Locked differentials are an important component in providing the power and traction needed for successful crawling off-road.

Unlike open differentials, locked differentials allow each wheel to utilize its maximum rotational force and maintain equal torque to all four driving wheels.

This provides better braking power in combination with the vehicle suspension, even at low speeds. In addition, locked differentials increase their effectiveness by helping reduce wheel slippage when climbing over extreme terrain.

While this may come with some handling drawbacks on flat terrain, it is the ideal solution for steep descents or ascents, as well as sideways movement on slick surfaces.

If you’re looking to take your RC rock crawler to the next level, considering locked differentials is an essential step in optimizing your vehicle’s performance.

Waterproof Electronics

If you’re a fan of RC Rock Crawlers, you know that these trucks often come in contact with water and bad weather as they explore the terrain. To maximize the life of your rock crawler and its electronic components, you should consider waterproof electronics.

Waterproof electronics can provide an extra layer of protection from elements such as mud and rain, giving your RC Rock Crawler a better performance overall.

Not only will it protect the functionality of your crawler from water damage, but it’ll also extend the life of its battery and increase its sensitivity in extreme weather conditions – allowing for greater control over what your truck can do.

Choosing waterproof electronics will go a long way toward increasing the reliability and effectiveness of your RC Rock Crawler.

Scale Sizes

When selecting an RC Rock Crawler, it is important to consider the scale size as it can have a huge impact on the overall experience.

Small-scaled crawlers will allow you to squeeze into tight spots or access areas larger-scaled crawlers would not be able to maneuver through; however, they can often lack in power or offer less range of motion compared to larger models.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more speed, power and customization then a larger-scaled model may be better suited for your needs.

Ultimately, it comes down to deciding which size fits your preferences as an RC Crawler enthusiast.

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The Bottom Line

Rock crawling is becoming an increasingly popular pastime for many off-road vehicle enthusiasts.

RC rock crawlers allow participants to recreate the challenge of scaling and climbing huge rocks often found in outdoor adventures, without any of the risk involved or the expense of owning a full-size vehicle.

Losi’s Rock Rey Electric Rock Racer is the top choice for anyone looking to take rock racing to the next level. Complete with 4-wheel drive and an extreme brushless motor, this is one rock racer that will stand out from the competition.

Furthermore, its ready-to-run design means that drivers can get started right away without spending hours assembling a set of parts; allowing them to spend more time on mastering their skills on any terrain.

Whether it’s racing along mountainous trails or over rocky hills, this RTR Rock Racer won’t let you down!