Remote control rock crawlers are a great way for kids to get outside and have fun. Interestingly, they have evolved into a craze for teens and adults. Rock crawlers offer smoother movements in rough terrains with their bigger wheels.

The number of rock crawlers available in the market is overwhelming. However, many factors determine a better one than the others. The main factors include durability, price, and performance.

In this article, we will be discussing the best rock crawler. We will also highlight the unique features of each one so that you can choose according to your need and budget.

So let’s get started!

Best RC Rock Crawler

The 8 Best RC Rock Crawlers Reviews (Explained)

Here are the coolest RC Rock crawlers that you can buy along with the main features as well as the pros and cons of each item.

1. LAEGENDARY RC Crawler – 4×4 Offroad Crawler Remote Control Truck for Adults and Kids

LAEGENDARY RC Crawler – 4×4 Offroad Crawler Remote Control Truck for Adults and Kids

The LAEGENDARY RC Crawler is designed using a set of wound wire coils. Its engine acts as a 2-pole electromagnet offering a high-powered 2-speed transmission, that is, high or low.

This RC crawler is designed for kids and adults and features a 7.2v 6s 1800 mAh rechargeable battery that assures long-lasting use and unmatched fun.

This remote control crawler is easy to steer and control, whether you are cruising on concrete, sand, or any other rough surface. Its impressive, non-slip wheels and treads are made from rubber.

This toy has two-speed modes for easy handling up to 328 feet. It is designed using high-quality and durable metal casing, guaranteeing reliable performance.

The RC crawler features an all-wheel drivetrain for easy maneuverability and precise steering.

The product package includes the RC monster truck, battery charger, rechargeable battery, battery connector, and remote control. It has dimensions of 21.45 x 9.37 x 11.6 inches and weighs 13.2 pounds.

The rock crawler is water-resistant and thus is excellent for indoor and outdoor use. It has a top speed of 50km/h and a runtime of 40 minutes; hence ideal for fun and long-term service.

It is available in many color variations, including black, blue, green, and red. It is durable and can be used by both kids and adults. The controller is quite helpful as it has large buttons with light-up graphics that are easy to operate.

What We LikedWhat We Did Not Like
It comes with a high-capacity battery, USB charger, and batteriesThe AA-type battery compartment is difficult to open, so charge the remote control before using it again
It provides an all-wheel drivetrain
The car offers excellent performance and maneuverability
The vehicle comes with a two-speed mode (high & low)
This truck comes with an adjustable suspension system

2. FMS RocHobby Toyota Land Cruiser Off-Road RC Rock Crawler

FMS RocHobby Toyota Land Cruiser Off-Road RC Rock Crawler

This Land Cruiser RC Crawler mimics the Toyota Land Cruiser (Upper) model. It features a 4WD drivetrain for maximum control and steering. This toy has all-wheel drive and suspension to provide the most comfortable and enjoyable ride possible.

This RC rock crawler is designed using a durable metal frame with transparent blades making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Its great performance is ensured by its all-wheel drivetrain, aluminum body, adjustable suspension system, and high-quality rubber treads guarantee maneuverability in any terrain.

This is an all-terrain off-road truck. It is equipped with bright LED lights that show the way even in the darkest environments.

The splash waterproof components make it stand out. There is no worry when running this RC crawler on bumpy grounds, grasslands, sand, or concrete.

The crawler’s robust aluminum chassis provides a rigid platform for maximum axle articulation.

The toy’s power comes from the super-high torque gearbox to the strong bead lock tires through nylon driveshafts. Its climbing angle can reach 42 degrees with 104: 1 FDL. Its control distance is up to 80 meters.

It features a 7.4v 380mAh rechargeable battery that keeps the toy running for up to thirty minutes. Besides being user-friendly, it is also designed with a handy feature – a carabiner clip.

This convenient add-on makes it easy for the driver to clip the controller to any bag or belt loop.

What We LikedWhat We Did Not Like
A 2-speed transmission system ensures easy operationThe spindle joints connecting the front and rear suspension arm are not the best
A durable metal frame, clear blades, and splash-proof components make it durable and easy to use
High-quality rubber treads improve maneuverability in all terrain
It comes with a 3-directional wheel
It is easy to control and operate
Its long-lasting battery gives it a thirty minutes runtime

3. RocHobby 1/12 RC Crawler KOMMANDEURWAGEN RC Car

RocHobby 1/12 RC Crawler KOMMANDEURWAGEN RC Car

The 82E Kommandeurwagen is a classic model and the newest product in the 2022 1:12 Type82E. This rock crawler has a painting of a real car. In addition to the restored WWII German-North African Yellow painting, the logo is also printed on its door.

The toy car has excellent light function and can easily be driven in the dark. Moreover, it features rubber treads to allow you to drive on sand or concrete. The vehicle can reach up to 10 kilometers per hour for maximum performance.

The Kommandeurwagen also has a strong drivetrain, including a gearbox and transfer case. This makes its fast speeds possible without causing problems with the gearbox or transfer case.

It also features a removable plastic roof and natural fabric soft rubber seats, with a unique steering wheel to resemble the senior officer’s car.

The good thing is that you receive this car when it is completely assembled and thus ready to run immediately.

It has a 4-channel and 2.4 GHz for its electronic system. The first and second channels are for steering and throttle control, while the third controls the gears and forward and rear movements.

What We LikedWhat We Did Not Like
The controller is easy to use and controlNo cons found so far
It comes with an all-wheel drivetrain for easy maneuverability
Its robust gearbox allows for maximum speed and relatively smooth operation
It has a great performance despite the small size of the toy truck

4. EAZYRC 1/18 Glacier RC Crawler 4WD RC Truck RTR with LED Lights

EAZYRC 1/18 Glacier RC Crawler 4WD RC Truck RTR with LED Lights

The EAZYRC boasts a metallic frame in conjunction with top-notch plastic parts. Moreover, it has metal axles that provide a solid chassis for maximum performance.

The toy has an aluminum alloy metal frame. This makes the vehicle stable, sturdy, and able to withstand harsh situations.

It comes with a two-speed transmission which allows the driver to push harder or slow down depending on their driving situation.

The Glacier RC crawler’s powerful all-wheel drivetrain allows easy maneuverability, especially on rugged terrains like concrete, dirt, or gravel. It features LED lights to help you see in the dark.

It’s highly maneuverable and controlled by a precision six-wheel drivetrain. The all-wheel drive mechanism is fitted to the vehicle’s back tire, which allows it to maintain an even balance regardless of who is driving it.

This crawler has durable directional motors for smooth performance and drives control. Turn lights complement this with 8 bright white LEDs that can be easily turned on or off when required.

Its 2.4G wireless transmission can reach up to 100 feet. Its frame suspension system, efficient in-line four-cylinder engine, a top speed of up to 5 kilometers per hour, and an endurance time of thirty minutes make this one of the fastest and most comfortable toy trucks you will come across.

What We LikedWhat We Did Not Like
The trucks are well-built and easy to controlThe truck’s functionality is limited when it rains
They have a full suspension for a smooth operating experience
The wheels have high traction on different surfaces and ensure smooth operation
The truck is well-designed
It has a robust transmission system
They are portable and easy to carry around

5. GROZZ-RACING 903 RC Trucks: 4X4 Off-road Truck High-Speed RC Cars

GROZZ-RACING 903 RC Trucks: 4X4 Off-road Truck High-Speed RC Cars

The GROZZ- RACING 903 RC is driven by a 390 motor with a top speed of 38km/h, making this car fun to drive.

It is equipped with two Li-ion 7.4v 1500mAh batteries that extend your play time up to 40 minutes. This realistic car is simple for kids and great for novices to experience outdoor fun.

GROSS is a 4×4 fast RC truck with plastic parts that provide a realistic look and feel. It can cross rough terrain with ease. Its high-performance brushless motor has been upgraded to perform better than its predecessors.

Its plastic bumpers make it durable and lightweight, making it easy to operate and control. Its suspension components, such as the springs, shock absorbers, wheel hub, and wheel, are made of metal, making the truck more durable, therefore protecting against harsh conditions like mud or sand.

The 2.4Ghz radio system offers 280-feet- control distance and no signal inference, thus allowing multiple players to compete or rather race together.

Moreover, the trigger control can be adjusted from 40% to 100% throttle making it unique for kids and adults. This waterproof car can run in all weather conditions, including rain.

What We LikedWhat Did Not Like
It offers two batteries that allow you to play undisturbed for a more extended timeIts range could be better
The battery charges fast and has a thirty-minute run time
It has a dual-purpose controller
It can climb over obstacles with ease
The truck is sturdy and durable despite its lightweight body parts
Easy to operate and control

6. BEZGAR HM121 1:12 Scale RC Truck – 4×4 Offroad Waterproof High-Speed Remote Control Truck

BEZGAR HM121 1:12 Scale RC Truck – 4×4 Offroad Waterproof High Speed 45+ KM/H Remote Control Truck

BEGGAR is a 4×4 high-speed RC truck equipped with robust quality and a lasting 390-brushed motor that can generate more horsepower for this truck.

The engine allows this truck to reach a maximum speed of 45km/hr with better acceleration than most RC trucks. The car is a waterproof vehicle that can be used in various weather conditions, such as rain and snow.

The truck has a brushless motor that delivers high torque to its four wheels, allowing it to climb over obstacles like rocks and rough terrains.

This feature makes it stand out amongst its counterparts, making it one of the best RC trucks on the market today.

It features two high-powered but very efficient 7.4v 1500mAh batteries that provide the truck with up to forty minutes of uninterrupted running time.

This RC car is designed for kids and adults and operates through a 2.4GHz radio control that offers a maximum range of approximately 200 feet. The popular truck has forward, reverse, and left/right movement controls.

It also has an adjustable throttle for different speed operations, thus allowing you to adjust the car’s performance depending on your needs and preferences.

What We LikedWhat We Did Not Like
It has a powerful engine for better control and high-speed performance compared to other RC carsNone found so far
A powerful motor improves the truck’s performance
Its batteries can be charged quickly, thus extending the battery run time per unit
It is well-designed with durable materials
It can tackle rough terrains with ease
The truck has an adjustable throttle that allows you to experience complete control over the car’s speed and acceleration rate
It has an adjustable steering bar for easy steering control of up to 100% of the throttle setting on its left or right side

7. RIAARIO 1/14 RC Cars for Adults RC Racing Truggy for Boys

RIAARIO 1/14 RC Cars for Adults RC Racing Truggy for Boys

RIAARIO RC car is equipped with a strong and durable metal chassis and dog bones to prevent damage from the bumper. This car has three bright LED lights that allow driving even at night.

The truck is powered by a superb 550 brushed motor with a maximum speed of 70km/, giving you a realistic experience and a fun drive. Its two 7.4v 1800mAh batteries allow it to run for up to 15 minutes, depending on your speed.

The truck has hard plastic wheels for smooth driving and a hands-free feature that allows you to operate it with even one hand.

The car features a high-powered 2.4Ghz radio transmitter that provides a maximum control distance of approximately 200 feet without signal interferences, thus allowing you to play competitively or race against your peers. The truck also consists of medium and low-speed modes.

This four-wheel drive suits all terrains, including rock, gravel, sand, mud, and snow. And it is powered by batteries, so you can enjoy your outdoor adventures anytime with this RC truck.

What We LikedWhat We Did Not Like
It is easy to put togetherThe endurance time is only 15 minutes
The truck is well-designed with a realistic look and feel
It runs on different surfaces smoothly
It has four wheels for better control and stability while running on rough terrain
Its battery charges fast to allow for uninterrupted playing time

8. EpochAir Remote Control Car – Offroad Hobby RC Racing Car with Colorful Led Lights

EpochAir Remote Control Car – Offroad Hobby RC Racing Car with Colorful Led Lights

EpochAir promises quality products with safety as a priority. Their rock crawler car has a strong motor that enables the vehicle to reach a maximum speed of 20km/h, ensuring a thrilling driving experience.

This car comes with two 1000mAh rechargeable batteries that offer a playtime of up to 120 minutes.

The car has a unique remote control with no signal inference, meaning it can simultaneously be used with several models of rock crawlers.

The truck is well-designed with durable materials to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as rain, snow, mud, and sand.

This RC car has a working LED light in front for better visibility in dim light conditions. It also has a functional LED light in the back to allow you to drive it at night up to a range of 150 feet. This is the perfect gift for your kids or friends.

What We LikedWhat We Did Not Like
It has a strong motor allowing you to experience a realistic driving experienceThe speed is not the best
A powerful motor improves the truck’s performance
Its batteries can be charged quickly, thus extending the battery run time per unit
It is well-designed with durable materials
It can tackle rough terrains with ease

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The Bottom Line

RC rock crawler cars are trendy in both kids and adults since these models of RC vehicles are designed to handle rough terrain with ease. Therefore, they offer a genuine experience similar to driving an actual vehicle.

The above-listed best RC rock crawlers car reviews should help you pick an RC car’s suitable model. All you have to do is match your needs, preferences, and budget.