Every office, craft area, and school needs a tape dispenser. They come in various designs and materials to suit everyone’s aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

This article will explore the best tape dispensers and where to get them.

6 Best Tape Dispenser To Buy On Amazon (Reviews)

To have a clear idea of what to expect when buying one of these tape dispensers, We will go ahead and show you all the features that we consider to be important as well as a few pros and cons of each item. Read on!

1. Automatic Tape Dispenser, Electric Tape Cutter, Durable Auto Tape Cutting Machine

$165.99  in stock
as of March 17, 2023 5:40 pm

Well Made: This tape automatic tape dispenser has an Anti-static ABS casing, premium import parts, a powerful shear motor, and a cutting blade with an excellent edge.

The Dispenser for industrial-grade tape is durable and robust to ensure long-term use and precise cutting.

Great Time Savings: Supports cutting two rolls of tape simultaneously (the width of the two rolls of tape must be no greater than 55mm/2.2″); the six most frequently used lengths can be saved as presets (cutting lengths range from 5-999mm);

the number to be cut can be preset; the tape dispenser will cut out the tape in the specified quantity. effective, time-saving, waste-free, and precise cutting.

Safe & Simple to use: A sensitive sensor stops the electric tape dispenser from being cut continuously, and a built-in fuse stops leaks and injuries.

The inner diameter of the tape is not constrained by a roller-free design. includes a thorough instruction manual.

Fit Most tapes: Can cut kraft paper, acetate cloth, masking tape, silicone polyester tape, 3M double-sided tape, electrical tape, and more.

An electric automated tape dispenser is ideal for commercial, office, and residential settings.

Comes with a manualCostly
Offers firm adherence
Maintains seals
Suitable for all types of weather
Facilitates high-speed packing

2. Scotch Brand Hedgehog Tape Dispenser, Includes 3/4 in x 350 in Tape Roll

 in stock
6 new from $13.99
1 used from $13.29
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as of March 17, 2023 5:40 pm

Desktop tape dispenser in the shape of a hedgehog with a weighted base. Perfect for effortless, one-handed dispensing. A good blade will last for many years.

Weighted base for dispensing with one hand up to 3/4 in. width, 1500 in. long, and holds one in. core tape Non-skid base.

Durablewhen you use the tape dispenser, it tends to fall forward with each tape cutting because it is weighted poorly
The dispenser design is cute

3. Scotch Magic Tape, 6 Rolls with Dispenser, Engineered for Repairing, 3/4 x 1000 Inches

 in stock
28 new from $13.99
2 used from $13.29
Free shipping
as of March 17, 2023 5:40 pm

This scotch tape has a value set of 6 rolls of tape with a black dispenser.

It Includes one C38 Dispenser and six rolls of Scotch MagicTM Tape. Applying matte-finish tape to a surface renders it undetectable. A ballpoint pen, pencil, or marker can be used on the tape.

The black dispenser accommodates tape up to 1,500″ long and 1/2″ and 3/4″ broad.

Has a six-roll value pack that helps in easy fillinghard to tear
The matte-finish tape makes it invisible when applied to a surface
Equipped with a pencil, ballpoint pen, or marker that makes it easy to use

4. Desktop Tape Dispenser – Weighted Tape Roll Dispenser – Perfect for Office Home School

 in stock
as of March 17, 2023 5:40 pm

This item comes with two black plastic tape dispensers are included. A rubber base with weights and a non-skid surface keeps the dispenser in place.

It accepts tape up to 1500 inches long and 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch broad. Works well with Staples Invisible Tape and Scotch Magic Tape (810K6) (52477).

Talking about durability the product also comes with a good cutting blade that lasts for many years to come which is awesome.

LightSome users found it pricey
Easy to use

5. Desktop Tape Holder Heavy Duty Non-Skid Base: Perfect Office, Home & School

$14.99  in stock
as of March 17, 2023 5:40 pm

Reliable and Sturdy Tape Dispenser: KTRIO tape dispenser has an anti-skid rubber base and is composed of sturdy ABS plastic for long-term use. The tape dispenser’s surface is slick and simple to clean.

Weighted desk tape dispenser with a 1-inch core that is compact, portable, and suitable for 1/2 or 3/4-inch tape. (No Tape Incorporated) Excellent for use at work, school, home, on the run, etc.

Sharp Blade & Simple to Use: This tape dispenser’s sharp blade makes it simple to cut tape fast and neatly with only one hand. The serrated edge of the stainless steel blade resists rusting well.

This tape desk dispenser’s non-skid rubber base allows it to adhere firmly to tables and other smooth surfaces.

With its non-skid rubber base, this desk tape dispenser can firmly adhere to a table or other smooth surfaces. The rubber base keeps desk tape dispensers in place while working. Provide for dispensing with one hand.

The tape dispenser is appropriate for use in offices, homes, schools, retail outlets, restaurants, and other locations where tapes are required.

You will receive a two-pack of tape dispensers, which includes a white and a blue tape dispenser, to satisfy your needs and to share with your family, friends, or coworkers. Its eye-catching design and adorable look make it a must for daily use as a desk supply.

Ease of useSome users find it a bit heavy
Variety of uses. cuts most tapes like masking tape, sublimation tape, double-sided tape, heat-resistant tape, etc

6. Scotch Automatic Dispenser with Magic Tape, 3/4 x 350 Inches, Non-Skid Base

$8.19  in stock
14 new from $8.19
Free shipping
as of March 17, 2023 5:40 pm

The fun dispenser is in the shape of a bunny for the workplace or home or even for school use.

The dispenser holds one in. core tape and has a compact footprint. Readily available in color black.

The attached hub won’t be misplaced or lost.

Easy to useMostly available in black

What To Consider When Buying a Tape Dispenser?

Best Tape Dispenser

Here are the main factors to consider to help you choose the best tape dispenser for your office:


To meet the varied adhesive thickness of the film at various levels, several vendors offer packaging tapes and packing tape dispensers in various grades.

These grades provide a wide range of holding power and tensile strength.

When purchasing packaging tapes, you should consider the weight of the contents, the production and transportation environment, and the carton size.


Consider what kind of packaging you wish to seal. Numerous cartons are thick, recycled, printed, and double-walled.

Each option offers unique benefits for the distribution network as well as drawbacks for the performance of the tape.


When choosing a tape, you should take into account the temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors that may have an impact on the seal’s quality.

Application technique

The packing tapes can be applied manually or automatically. Strong support from the film and simple unwinding, which avoid breakage and stretching, are advantages of the hand procedure.

On the other side, the automated technique places more of an emphasis on easy unwinding and less tape breaking.

Tapes’ level of quality

Consider the caliber of the tapes you will be utilized when purchasing a packing tape dispenser.

A high-quality packaging tape simplifies unwinding and provides the durability and strength needed to endure the strain experienced throughout the distribution network.

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The Bottom Line

Tape dispensers are vital. To ensure that your packing experience is made simple and that your items and packages are always safe and secure, several factors must be considered when choosing the correct packing tape and packing tape dispenser.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider the grade, quality, environment, substrate, and application technique.

The Automatic Tape Dispenser, Electric Tape Cutter is an amazing piece. It makes the work seamless!


What is a packing tape dispenser?

A packer tape dispenser is essentially a handy tool that has a tape storing case designed to hold various types of packing tapes; once you’ve decided on the appropriate tapes, who knows what adhesives or glues are to be used on your project, whether for furniture assembly or for making of boxes and packaging.

Are packing tape dispensers easy to handle?

Yes and no. It depends on the type of tape dispenser you’re using. Some dispensers are pretty heavy and temperamental to handle, while others are easy to use; all it takes is just a few turns of the knob or an appropriate amount of pressure for the tape’s head to be released.

Are packing tape dispensers available in various sizes?

In most cases, although smaller ones that fit in a small pouch or briefcase are readily available, larger ones that can be used on carts and tables are also offered.

What’s the best way to choose a packing tape dispenser?

Make sure that you’re buying a tape dispenser designed for the appropriate size of tape. Most dispensers are designed to accommodate tapes ranging from 1-inch to 3-inches in width. In addition, make sure that the dispenser you’ve chosen is easy to use. Some dispensers require a bit of force to release the tape, which can be very inconvenient, considering that you’re supposed to use it with one hand only.

What are some uses for packing tape dispensers?

There are many: they’re used to hold up boxes once they’re closed and packed, to temporarily seal packages before being loaded onto the truck, or even to seal glass bottles once filled with various liquids and sealed.

How can I use packing tape dispensers?

In most cases, you put the tapes you want to use inside the appropriate dispenser. Once filled, you can load them into a storage cart or other storage boxes of your choice and then close them up for use at any time in the future.

How do I choose the correct tapes for packing tape dispensers?

The best thing you can do is to have a packer tape dispenser to hold the appropriate size of tapes so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of planning the proper size of tapes you’ll need. It’s not uncommon for people to get lost in what type of tape they need simply by trying to plan out their adventure with boxes and packages before going ahead and choosing a simple tape dispenser for their needs.

Is there such a thing as packing tape dispensers for every possible circumstance?

In many cases, yes. Some tape dispensers are designed explicitly for carpenters and woodworkers, while others are designed for heavy-duty packing and shipping. The best thing you can do is to find out which one you need according to your plans and needs.

How do I choose a tape dispenser?

Where do you store the tapes that you’ll need to use? If you’re storing them on your desk or in a drawer. You can choose a lightweight tape dispenser that won’t be difficult to handle. Still, if it’s on a cart or table and you have to go through the hassle of opening and closing it every time you want to put your tapes inside, then there’s a good chance that this will become an inconvenience.

Is it easy to use packing tape dispensers?

It all depends on the type of dispenser used. Most tape dispensers are pretty easy to use. Even those that have to be opened with some force can be handled with just one hand, making them easy to use at any time.

Is it easy to load up packing tape dispensers?

Yes, it is. All you need is a bit of patience and the appropriate amount of strength needed to pull out a tape from its housing so that you can open it and fill it with adhesives or sealants for your boxes and packages.

Can packing tape dispensers be used for any size of box or packaging?

Yes, they can. Typically, they’re used to store a range of tapes, from the 1-centimeter-wide ones used for windows, mirrors, and doors to the tape dispensers that hold tapes up to 3 inches wide.

Can packing tape dispensers be used for sealing anything?

Even though most shipping companies have to use pre-made boxes and packages before loading their shipments onto trucks, it is possible for you to use packing tape dispensers to seal up items such as glass bottles or cartons after you’ve filled them with various liquids or other substances that need sealing.

Are packing tape dispensers expensive?

No, they’re not. Many tape dispensers are affordable and affordable to a great extent. Before choosing a specific model, make sure you know how you’ll use it and plan your needs accordingly.

Are packing tape dispensers easy to use?

Yes, they are. Most have large buttons or knobs that can be easily depressed with one or two fingers to release the tape that’s needed for sealing boxes and packages as well as for packaging items such as bottles or cartons where some sort of liquid is used for filling up the cartons before being sealed up and shipped out to clients all around the globe.